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On Sale Now $175 for all 20 workbooks
or $9.95 per workbook
Sent right to your e-mail

Each workbook contain 15-30 pages of material
There are 20 chapters in my workbook.
Each workbook is available now for $9.95.
There are plenty of worksheets that simplify the learning.
Work at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.


20 Astrology 101
Workbook Classes $175.00

Astrology 101 Workbook

"I learned Astrology using Andrea's workbook four years ago and still use it actively to this day.
It has allowed me to learn how to translate a birth chart easily. I love how it is so user friendly
and written and put together in a sequential way. It allows anyone to learn how to interpret a birth
chart if they follow the method. Thanks to Andrea's wonderful Astrology workbook, I have been able to
retain what I have learned and love doing it at the same time!"
- J.T.K.

Over the last 19 years of studying Astrology Andrea has developed and written 20 Astrology Workbooks.
These workbooks are written with the student in mind and were developed to teach the student how
to effectively interpret a birthchart. These classes include the beginning fundamentals and
knowledge required to learn the language of Astrology. It all starts with understanding
an Astrology Chart which was originally realized through looking, observing the appearance of
the planetary bodies surrounding us here on Earth and where each one is in reference to us.
Early humans observed the sky over time and through these observations they soon realized
that our solar system held the secrets of creation. Through the process of these classes,
students understand the secret to chart interpretation. Through time, practice and Andrea's
guidance it becomes possible to understand ourselves better by understanding the influences of
the bodies of energy around us. Just as we each affect each other by our words, our expressions,
our movements. So do the planets around us affect us by their vibrations, appearance and movements.

For instance did you know that the picture our solar system draws as it moves through time matches
the appearance of our human DNA? This is where the saying comes from "as it is above, so it is below".
So it is natural to look to the systems around us to understand the systems within us. The first
picture below is of our solar system and the picture below it is of our human DNA. Notice how they
are the same pattern.

Contained in these workbooks are tables that break down the meaning of the planets, zodiac signs and
more. You will receive prepared practice sheets, worksheets, and learn formulas that will explain the
what, how, where and way the chart connects together painting a picture of the patterns of
influences that form who you are.

You will learn how to decode the secrets of your natural make up. Realize whether your behavioral
patterns are similar to your paternal or maternal parent and so much more.

You can learn how to interpret Astrology Charts through Andrea's classes and guidance. You now
have the resource to begin. Your birthchart and workbook(s) will be e-mailed to you once you have registered.
After registering call or e-mail Andrea with your birth information. E-Mail: andrea@turntothestars
Phone: 603-490-6253. You will need to provide your month, date, year, time, city and state of birth
and current residence so that your birth chart can be created. Classes can be set up around your
schedule. Receive guidance to effectively interpret your birthchart, family members birthcharts,
friends birthcharts, pets birthcharts and more.

Human DNA

About Andrea . . .

Andrea Klim has been studying the language of astrology since 1998 and working professionally as an astrological
counselor since 2001. She has studied through various lectures at NCGR/Boston Chapter, Isabel M. Hickey, Francis McEvoy,
Jeffrey Close (creator of Intrepid Astrology Software), Robert Hand, A.T. Mann of Lifetime Astrology, Kepler College, Washington.
She is successful in teaching the language of Astrology since 2005 for group & private classes and has written her first
Astrology 101 Book which is available on-line as an e-book or can be privately taught. She is and continues to be successful
in teaching Astrology 101/102 classes since January of 2013 in the Derry, NH Adult Education Program.

Andrea began her education in 2010 into the healing realm of Core Shamanism and as a practice offers shamanic healings and intensive classes.

Andrea is the host and producer of the weekly TV Show 'Turn To The Stars' which can be viewed @ Turn To The Stars Astrology TV,
YouTube, Manchester City TV23, and Derry Community Television 23. Andrea is also Boston's NBC Channel 7 CW56 Astrologer who
covered The Royal Wedding of 2011 televised April 29, 2011.

Andrea and her family have successfully facilitated Psychic/Holistic Fairs since 2010 bi-monthly at The Yard Seafood & Steakhouse,
Manchester, NH with the intention of expanding the communities awareness of the quality of holistic healing.

During an astrology consultation you can expect to discover your 'souls purpose'. You will discover what is at the 'roots and purpose'
of your human existence. You will gain insight into your family's DNA patterns and how they manifest in your DNA and life pattern.
She interprets and counsels her clients in future influences and most importantly 'the here and now'. Ask about past lives, your
DNA Soul Print, marital relationships, finances, family, career, real estate, business, friends, spirituality, education & much more!

In Spring 2009 Andrea expanded to Television. First with several guest appearances which paved the way for her own Astrology Television
show "Turn To The Stars". Andrea produced and hosted a show which was recorded weekly at Channel 23 MCTV in Manchester, NH
for 7 years.

With the guidance and assistance of my mentors and coaches
I've written my first book. Now just one question before you
read my book: When you think of an entrepreneur,
what skills come to your mind? To find out

The Secret To Becoming An Entrepreneur

Did you know that every 2 1/2 days the Moon goes void of course? The actual meaning of "Void- Of- Course" is "nothing will come of it. The Moon is the closest body to us here on earth, therefore, it's movement has a strong influence on us.
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Disclaimer: Each client's astrology consultation is subject to their own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Therefore, each client receiving the consultation is responsible for his/her own choices and/or actions.

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