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Counseling Astrologer Andrea Klim

Astrologer, Visionary, Life Path Readings, Astrologer Teacher,
Author Best Astrology Workbook, Shamanic Practitioner, Past Life Insights,
Past Holistic Fair Coordinator, Television Personality

This New Moon Inspires Us To Embrace Our Families


Below is the universal astrology chart showing the New Moon in Cancer & Other Planetary Activity


Dedicated to our families and the ones we love

Dear Friends of Turn To The Stars,

From a Universal standpoint the symbology of this New Moon in Cancer arrives in it's fullness
this Friday June 23, 2017. It is one that shows us advancing through some big bumps in the
road and facing the problems associated without denial.

The New Moon shows support for problems to be solved as we become fully aware of the

Todays show is dedicated to our families, our children, our parents, grandparents,
cousins, Aunts and Uncles, friends who are like family. As this New Moon, day by
day unfolds the promise of experience it holds for each of us, the strength of the
family and its needs will be more visibly recognized.

Please stay tune to join me for this week's Astrology Forecast. Also join in a
soothing journey that shows you the way to access keys to your family roots.
It's a beautiful and enlightening experience.

Go to :

Listen, the conversation begins

Thurs. May 25, 2017 This New Moon in Gemini brings answers.
A new moon is a time to celebrate, especially this one. Using the cosmic key, this new moon,
forms a trine (120 degrees aspect). It delivers relief that was promised from the theme of
the Solar Eclipse back on February 26. This New Moon is at 4 degrees and 50 minutes in the
constellation of Gemini which highlights a time in history of 12,643 BC. This was the time
of the development of language. So this degree of Gemini inspires us to make the necessary
adaptations to understand each other and to weigh out the indifferences or discrepancies
that can be reached by the growing trine or relieving aspect between the New Moon in
Gemini and Jupiter in Libra.

This New Moon Astrology Report is written from viewing a universal chart, meaning that
everyone will feel the influences of its energy in some manner.

We can all enjoy the grand trine between the North Node in Leo, Saturn retrograde in
Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. It carries a Gem of a message. Grand Trines, or Gems,
in the element of fire promise good luck, progress, and inspiration. There is a divine
creativity of the trinity, the mother, the father and the child. The first element of
life is Fire. It's a spark of inspiration and new life unveiling through this New Moon.

The North Node in Leo in the 10th house of this chart inspires us to express our hearts
through avenues where we can be noticed and recognized, such as the work place. It means
you will feel fulfilled by developing your career. It means there is an affinity abound
for honesty, dignity, and truthfulness and you can expect that people will need to be
recognized for their creations. Uranus in Aries in the 6th house could bring surprises
in areas of health and avenues related to day to day work. Unexpected surprises, unusual
ideas can be developed and bring fortunate responses if we can delegate and form the
connections. If we pay attention and act together toward a more healthy and peaceful
outcome. Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius in the 2nd house is still supportive of an
inner process of work to research, use caution, be patient for the inner truths that
ultimately bring forth security and confidence. It reminds us to believe that there is
a higher power at work here. The opposition to Mars in Gemini on the Full Moon and
square to Chiron in Pisces indicates that many are feeling the division and insecurity
of this time. We are all learning how to heal deeply from our hearts and our inner child
has certain instabilities that are causing pain in some manner.

The square from Venus in Aries in the 6th house to Pluto in Capricorn in the 3rd house
influences many changing thoughts. I see this as an uprooting of old structures. The
challenge for each of us on an individual basis is to find the security within ourselves
and in our relationships. Support is needed and we need to let go of trying to control
outcomes. I see this as old ways of thinking and
value systems are changing, and it's like a reprogramming in our minds.

Jupiter in Libra wakes up from its long 5 1/2 month retrograde on June 9th. You will feel
the shift and recognize areas where you've been held back. Suddenly these areas will be
plugged in for action. Relationships will be the most highlighted area.

June 9th is also the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius which will be right beside Saturn
in Sagittarius. The Cosmic Key foretells that a Full Moon reveals a full lighted picture
of a theme promised to unfold. Discoveries of truth will be realized.

Epicurus said (an ancient Greek Philosopher):
"You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it
by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity."


Learn the Journey of The Shaman Remotely

This huge oak tree is located on the land owned by my sister which is right next to where
I live, formerly owned by my Uncle Mike. We call this " The Shaman Tree " because the tree
is the way we access the different worlds. There is a magic about it. Here is where I sit
to remotely guide my clients on their journey.

A person who practices Shamanism makes journeys to non-ordinary reality in an altered state
of consciousness. The practice of Shamanism exists on all inhabited continents. Shamanism
is at the foundation of all the other spiritual traditions on the planet and involves a
journey to other worlds in an altered state of consciousness for purposes of accessing
wisdom and healing.

A Shamanic Journey is much different then a meditation in that the soul takes flight to
the rhythm of the drum, or as we say in Shamanism the heart beat of the mother. I have
found it the most exciting method besides meditation to find relaxation and healing.

The other day I remotely guided someone very special to me for their first time. They said
they felt very relaxed, had no pain during the journey, and were able to see their journey
in non-ordinary reality. I later found out that they had one of the best night's sleep
they had had in some time.

I am so excited to be offering you " Remote Shamanic Journey Work ". This can be done by
phone or skype.

It is especially important at this time for all of us on our planet to learn how to connect
with our own spiritual guidance and to find helpful tools (such as Shamanic Practices) that
offer and provide solutions to our problems. This practice is perfect for young adults,
adults and elders.

Call 603-490-6253 To Register For This Special Offer For 1/2 The Normal Fee

Normal fee is $80 per hour. With this offer, Remote Guidance Through A Shamanic Healing
Journey is $40.

Expires 6/30/17.
Journey must be scheduled during the month of June

Here I Am, This is Me ....

Picture taken Sunday May 21, 2017 Mount Dora, FL
I was on my way to Lowe's to pick up some household items and this fellow and his friends
were wandering around with a spring like twinkle in their eyes, if you know what I mean.
The males were following the females all except for this one. He was by himself. I drove
slow because without warning one of the females thoughtlessly stepped right into the road
and so I stopped and let her and her waddling mate pass in front of me. I happened to look
over and there was this friendly guy, as I said earlier, all by himself. He just stood there
and looked at me and as you can see, posed for the picture. He was the special one that day.
Because now he's in the news!

Nature holds answers for us. So I did some research and here is what I discovered. The Muscovy
Duck Symbolic Meaning was a reminder that there is inner wisdom, intuitive, clairvoyance,
clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance gifts available to me.

Seeing the Muscovy duck is symbolic for getting it. That is, getting the hang of my ability
or power. His message is to be patient, have confidence, determination. His presence was there
to remind me that I am all knowing and compatible. It is known for having an aggressive nature
and can sense when danger is coming, especially bad weather. My short visit with this cute fellow
is a prediction of the experiences that are ahead in the next chapter of my life. Seeing him so
close represents that I should trust and believe in a higher power and that I should stay open and
accepting of the coming blessings.

In my research, I discovered that his staring at me with no particular reason is symbolic for a
spiritual connection. They are noted for their unique behavior in nature.

Seeing Ducks is an indication that a very favorable relationship is beginning to form. It can be
once the two people finally come together, it will be absolutely long lasting and indeed magical.

The symbology here is also that Karmic Work has been healed or in the process of being healed.
Things will become rhythmic from this moment on. More of what is desired will manifest. The other
indication is that questions about relationships are being soothed, to follow the guidelines of
knowing that it is time to trust that things will work out just as they need to.
Here there is a reminder to keep the faith and to follow through because apparently I have not
completed what must be done so that a miracle can be formed.

The appearance of this friendly Muscovy foretells that things will get better. The message is to
challenge myself in creative ways and do not give power to negativity in any way. Only you know the
path you have walked and the water you have maneuvered through.

This astute Muscovy stepped forth to remind me to stay self motivated, stay continuous in
challenging myself as I move forward. His message is that I don't need external influences to make
progress in my life at this time.

The Coupon I currently have out offers your age as a percentage off a 1 hour Reading. It has been
very popular the last couple of weeks and I've enjoyed Reading for all of you. Please note:
It expires next Wednesday. If you are looking for some honest, straightforward, Astrology Insight
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"Andrea has a true gift in Astrology. She has given me many readings in the past years and has
always been spot on. I do appreciate her hard work and her amazing details she presents.
was able to explain this connection and describe him perfectly. It was a great confirmation for me."
Sue Frye, Zen Chi Bodyworks 603-490-1443

Did you know that Astrology can be used to find lost items?
Last year I had a client call me who had to find a gun that had been lost in a large warehouse.
The person who owned it had just passed away and it was very important that the gun was found.
So I did an Horary Chart, which is a chart created based upon the birth of a question. I told the
client that the gun would be found in the southeasterly part of the warehouse and that there would
be a friend involved. The gun was found a couple weeks later in the southeasterly part of the
warehouse by a friend who had offered to join in to search for the gun. (Anonymous)

Birth Charts, Life Charts, Past Life Dates & Insights
Future Predictions, Relationship Compatibility

A Birth, Life Chart Reading
An in depth, detailed reading of what occurred
before your mother conceived you and while she was pregnant with you, your birth and the exact ages
of experiences as they unfolded in your life. This is a very detailed reading which reveals what is
at the root of your life experience. Science has proven that the picture of the universe inside each
of us is exactly the same picture as the picture of the universe that is around us. "If our Solar
Systems DNA pattern is the same as our DNA pattern .... then it makes sense that it stores and carries
the memory of where we have been! DNA is (deoxyribonucleic acid), which is a self-replicating material
present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of
genetic information. During this reading your soul's genetic information will unfold with exact months
and years given of your lives lived prior to this one, past lives. Learn about your future with exact
dates given. Your exact time of birth is required for this Reading.

Future Predictions
Take a glimpse into your future. Exact dates given.
Take a look into the potential influences in your life in areas such as finances, relationships, health,
career, legal action, publishing, group activities, real estate, children and more. Have your calendar with
you for this appointment or simply re-listen to the recording of your Reading in your own time.

Compatibility/Relationship Readings
Is this Person my Soul Mate? Find out how
compatible you really are. There's always 2 people, 2 influences of different personalities involved in
relationships. These charts answer the questions of Are We Compatible? What will the Areas of
Difficulty be in this Relationship? Why are we together?

To schedule your Reading please choose and register for the amount of time you
want for your Reading by clicking on the appropriate Paypal link below. I will call
you after you are registered to schedule your appointment. I look forward to talking to
you soon.

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"I learned Astrology using Andrea's workbook four years ago and still use it actively to this day.
It has allowed me to learn how to translate a birth chart easily. I love how it is so user friendly
and written and put together in a sequential way. It allows anyone to learn how to interpret a birth
chart if they follow the method. Thanks to Andrea's wonderful Astrology workbook, I have been able to
retain what I have learned and love doing it at the same time!"
- J.T.K.


More about Andrea's Astrology education and workbook:

Over the last 19 years of studying Astrology Andrea has developed and written 20 Astrology Workbooks.
These workbooks are written with the student in mind and were developed to teach the student how
to effectively interpret a birthchart. These classes include the beginning fundamentals and
knowledge required to learn the language of Astrology. It all starts with understanding
an Astrology Chart which was originally realized through looking, observing the appearance of
the planetary bodies surrounding us here on Earth and where each one is in reference to us.
Early humans observed the sky over time and through these observations they soon realized
that our solar system held the secrets of creation. Through the process of these classes,
students understand the secret to chart interpretation. Through time, practice and Andrea's
guidance it becomes possible to understand ourselves better by understanding the influences of
the bodies of energy around us. Just as we each affect each other by our words, our expressions,
our movements. So do the planets around us affect us by their vibrations, appearance and movements.

For instance did you know that the picture our solar system draws as it moves through time matches
the appearance of our human DNA? This is where the saying comes from "as it is above, so it is below".
So it is natural to look to the systems around us to understand the systems within us. The first
picture below is of our solar system and the picture below it is of our human DNA. Notice how they
are the same pattern.

Contained in these workbooks are tables that break down the meaning of the planets, zodiac signs and
more. You will receive prepared practice sheets, worksheets, and learn formulas that will explain the
what, how, where and way the chart connects together painting a picture of the patterns of
influences that form who you are.

You will learn how to decode the secrets of your natural make up. Realize whether your behavioral
patterns are similar to your paternal or maternal parent and so much more.

You can learn how to interpret Astrology Charts through Andrea's classes and guidance. You now
have the resource to begin. Your birthchart and workbook(s) will be e-mailed to you once you have registered.
After registering call or e-mail Andrea with your birth information. E-Mail: andrea@turntothestars
Phone: 603-490-6253. You will need to provide your month, date, year, time, city and state of birth
and current residence so that your birth chart can be created. Classes can be set up around your
schedule. Receive guidance to effectively interpret your birthchart, family members birthcharts,
friends birthcharts, pets birthcharts and more.

Human DNA


About Andrea . . .

Andrea Klim has been studying the language of astrology since 1998 and working professionally as an astrological
counselor since 2001. She has studied through various lectures at NCGR/Boston Chapter, Isabel M. Hickey, Francis McEvoy,
Jeffrey Close (creator of Intrepid Astrology Software), Robert Hand, A.T. Mann of Lifetime Astrology, Kepler College, Washington.
She is successful in teaching the language of Astrology since 2005 for group & private classes and has written her first
Astrology 101 Book which is available on-line as an e-book or can be privately taught. She is and continues to be successful
in teaching Astrology 101/102 classes since January of 2013 in the Derry, NH Adult Education Program.

Andrea began her education in 2010 into the healing realm of Core Shamanism and as a practice offers shamanic healings and intensive classes.

Andrea is the host and producer of the weekly TV Show 'Turn To The Stars' which can be viewed @ Turn To The Stars Astrology TV,
YouTube, Manchester City TV23, and Derry Community Television 23. Andrea is also Boston's NBC Channel 7 CW56 Astrologer who
covered The Royal Wedding of 2011 televised April 29, 2011.

Andrea and her family have successfully facilitated Psychic/Holistic Fairs since 2010 bi-monthly at The Yard Seafood & Steakhouse,
Manchester, NH with the intention of expanding the communities awareness of the quality of holistic healing.

During an astrology consultation you can expect to discover your 'souls purpose'. You will discover what is at the 'roots and purpose'
of your human existence. You will gain insight into your family's DNA patterns and how they manifest in your DNA and life pattern.
She interprets and counsels her clients in future influences and most importantly 'the here and now'. Ask about past lives, your
DNA Soul Print, marital relationships, finances, family, career, real estate, business, friends, spirituality, education & much more!

In Spring 2009 Andrea expanded to Television. First with several guest appearances which paved the way for her own Astrology Television
show "Turn To The Stars". Andrea produced and hosted a show which was recorded weekly at Channel 23 MCTV in Manchester, NH
for 7 years.

Did you know that every 2 1/2 days the Moon goes void of course? The actual meaning of "Void- Of- Course" is "nothing will come of it. The Moon is the closest body to us here on earth, therefore, it's movement has a strong influence on us.
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Disclaimer: Each client's astrology consultation is subject to their own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Therefore, each client receiving the consultation is responsible for his/her own choices and/or actions.


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