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You Raise Me Up
Yvonne Harding

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This show was recorded on April 24, 2012 @ MPTV Manchester Public Television

Turn To The Stars Astrologer/Shamanic Practitioner Andrea Klim talks with Yvonne Harding who is an Akashic Record Reader amongst many other healing modalities. During this show Yvonne talks in detail sharing with us what an Akashic Record is, how she accesses this information and how this information can help you to mold your life differently.

Please join Andrea and Yvonne for the next 30 minutes and find out why you should have an Akashic Record Reading ...

Click here to watch the show

You Raise Me Up
Yvonne Harding

Recorded April 24, 2012

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    To contact Yvonne call 603-845-3645 or
    e-mail @

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