Andrea Klim, Astrologer

Andrea Klim has been studying the language of astrology since 1998 and working professionally as an astrological counselor since 2001. Andrea began her Core Shamanism education in 2010, and her practice offers shamanic healings and intensive classes.

She has studied through various lectures at NCGR/Boston Chapter, Isabel M. Hickey, Francis McEvoy, Jeffrey Close (creator of Intrepid Astrology Software), Robert Hand, A.T. Mann of Lifetime Astrology, Kepler College, Washington. She is successful in teaching the language of Astrology for groups, private classes and has written her first Astrology 101 Workbook, online or ebook.


During an astrology consultation, you can expect to discover your ‘soul’ls purpose’. You will discover what is at the ‘roots and purpose‘ of your human existence. You will gain insight into your family’s DNA patterns and how they manifest in your DNA and life pattern. She interprets and counsels her clients in future influences and most importantly ‘the here and now’.  Ask about past lives, your DNA Soul Print, marital relationships, finances, family, career, real estate, business, friends, spirituality, education & much more!