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Aries Developing your Heart Chakra


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Astrology For Life And Daily Living
Blooming Deep Pink Hollyhocks, photo by Andrea Klim

Here is the universal daily astrology reading for Thursday July 24, 2008:

At 6:00 a.m. this morning the Moon will be at 14 degrees in the zodiac sign of Aries. If you were born under this sign the Moon's energy will illuminate something new in your life. It is possible that yesterday and today would mark something new beginning in your life. Possibly a new and exciting path will be illuminated for you to walk on and discover!

The first angle of connecting energy that the Moon will form today with another planet in our universe will be the strongest in the period of time before 8:06 a.m. In the early morning hours you may want to take it slow. At this time you may feel somewhat confused and frustrated. It may take more patience and courage then usual to recognize the emotional pattern which is being triggered. At this time you may be challenged to slow down and do a little bit of work on identifying the things that you are creating which are producing positive results in your life. It could be emotionally harder to slow down and harness the patience to be present in the moment. At this very time there is the energy of the Emerald Soul manifesting in our universe. Through the positive support of this earthly presence you may feel supported and find it easier to do what seems difficult.

The last angle of connecting energy that the Moon will form today will be the strongest in our universe in the period of time before 9:51 p.m. During the evening hours you may discover a strength within you which comes from spending time with your friends or with a group where there is knowledge and ideas which are presented that will support you on your path toward progression in your life. This evening provides a window of opportunity through which you may find information and healing which will support the development and healing of your heart. Archangel Chamuel is the angel who is closely tied with the energy of Aries. You may feel his healing presence tonight as he will be present to teach you more about compassion/how to communicate and interact successfully in your relationships/how to achieve a balance with yourself and how to give selflessly of yourself to others. And last but not least how to create beauty through the gifts that you have within your heart. Archangel Chamuel is the Angel who serves through the energy of a pink ray of light which is also the ray of which teaches us about divine love. So if you see flashes or rays of pink light this evening you will know that Archangel Chamuel is at your side. So, as the Moon forms this positive aspect this evening it will support you on your path toward emotional fulfillment and healing. You may find this energy provides you with an opportunity to restore your faith in the realm where your spirit is free to shine its light for all to see.

At this time there is also the presence of the energy of the Diamond Soul shining brightly in our universe. Archangel Chamuel's work tonight will be to assist you in the integration of this Diamond energy into your heart and soul! The collection of all the light and rays that the Diamond Soul carries will assist you this evening toward integration on your spiritual path. It will influence the realization that your true God and spiritual guides are always within you. The keyword that describes Aries energy is the presence and knowing of the "I Am" within you. It leads you on paths which will assist you in overcoming your ego and its games. This Diamond energy will strengthen the presence of your inner lights of peace and wholeness with the "I Am" knowing that is within your heart! This "I Am" means that you have the light of God awake within you always and tonight you will have an opportunity to let it shine out into the world around you!

Astrology the ancient practice directed by The Heaven's offers you a tool to Plan-et

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