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“I learned Astrology using Andrea’s workbook four years ago and still use it actively to this day. It has allowed me to learn how to translate a birth chart easily. I love how it is so user friendly and written and put together in a sequential way. It allows anyone to learn how to interpret a birth chart if they follow the method. Thanks to Andrea’s wonderful Astrology workbook, I have been able to retain what I have learned and love doing it at the same time!”
– J.T.K.

Have you always wanted to learn how to interpret an Astrology Birth Chart? If you answered “yes” to this question then this is the class for you!

Many of my students are intelligent people who have come to me and said “I have studied Astrology on and off for 30 years, but I have never been able to pull it all together and interpret the chart“.

My answer is “take my class and you will gain the step by step insight in a fashion which will in the end pull it all together“. I explain “it is like putting a puzzle together, you need to work with the pieces until you see how they can fit so that in the end you can see full the picture“.

You can put a class together OR you can order the workbook for yourself. It’s easy to learn either way!

  • Learn the Basics. See below for my ‘Table of Contents‘ for a further, detailed understanding of what to expect during the course of these workbooks.
  • At the conclusion of these 20 workbooks you will come away with the ability to interpret Birth Charts and you will have opened the door to understand your Karma
  • These 20 workbooks have been designed and structured to build a solid foundation for you to interpret a birthchart
  • These workbooks are designed to teach you the skills needed to interpret a birth chart
  • Learn how to uncover the exact age of major life events
  • Realize patterns which stem from maternal or paternal DNA
  • Discover the events that occurred before and while your mother was pregnant with you & why this is a part of your makeup

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Did you know that the Study of Astrology will help you to understand yours and your loved ones karma which is the ‘laws of cause and effect. As you begin to understand your karma, you slowly begin to evolve and change and then your karma becomes your dharma (the basis of your spirits journey)! Understanding how to interpret an Astrology Birth Chart can become an incredibly positive asset or life tool toward living a more fulfilling and happy life. After all Astrology is the language of the stars!



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Each workbook contain 15-30 pages of material
There are 20 chapters in my workbook.
Displayed below is a sneak peek at 1 page from each of the workbooks
Each workbook has special tips that are prime indicators of certain behaviors
or traits that have beeen recognized historically in birth charts
Each workbook is available now.
There are plenty of worksheets that simplify the learning.
Work at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

1 Astrology 101
Workbook $9.95

20 Astrology 101
Workbook Classes $175.00