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Astrology News

Updated October 18, 2011

A Structural Self Examination
Uranus Square Pluto

    As we get closer and closer to the "birth of a new age" ... The Age of Aquarius.We see all around us the "structural changes" of ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities, our government, our earth mother. These changes are very much the same as the the last couple of weeks before a child is born. The mother, the Father, the families, the friends, and all who are connected experience the joy and pains of this time of preparation. Everyone's Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body (SSMB) go through a process of preparation ....

    The planet Uranus is currently moving through the constellation of Aries and Pluto is moving through the constellation of Capricorn. The effects of the energy of these 2 planets to us here on earth and to our universe is causing incredible growing pains and yet at the same time an incredible excitement of what is to come.

    How can we best manage the stress that this is putting on us?

    Care For Your S pirit: Do things that feed your spirit and can help to steady the erraticness of the electricity surges. Meditate, Journey, Pray ... spend time with your Spirit Guides/Spirit Teachers. Listen to music. Take classes that teach you how to tap into the guidance of your spirit. Get Spiritual Counseling.

    Care For Your S oul: Love yourself enough to slow down and care for the issues which keep surfacing. Take time to examine what is at the root of what your are experiencing and do whatever you can to nurture yourself as you walk through these difficult experiences rather then escape from them. Walking through the experience is the best medicine. Get support if you need it.

    Care For Your M ind: Get more education. Read, research. Write down your thoughts and your dreams. Get things out of your head. If there is something you keep worrying about, write it down. Talk with someone you trust and will support you to gently and lovingly help you to work through whatever your fears maybe.

    To Care For Your B ody: Walk, exercise, get plenty of sleep. Eat well, eat food that is not chemically or genetically altered such as fast foods. Use health products which are natural and don't contain unnatural products. Healing begins with the S pirit, the S oul, the M ind and then the B ody.

    May all your structural changes come with love and ease ...

    Mercury Retrograde July 2012
    Posted: 07/17/2012

    Once again, Mercury(the planet whose energy influences communication, logic and reason) will send us all on a journey beginning on July 15th to go back over some areas of our lives which may be connected with children, expressing what we truly feel within our hearts, how we are recognized and noticed for who we are and how we create, play and simply enjoy life.

    July 15th through August 7th is this period in time that you will find is best used to research and discover the knowledge or information that will provide you with the means to a better end. Just think of this period of time as a "prescription given to you from your universal guides that has the ability to push out whatever it is that you are holding inside that is not allowing you to shine and be the best you can be".

    I always think of Mercury Retrograde as an exciting time because I know, due to my past experiences, that what is gained during this time will be very important knowledge I did not have prior to this time.

    My recommendation to you is to open your heart to accept this period of internal medicine which will ultimately provide you with a tool of knowledge offering you "A Means To A Better End"...

    The Value of Experience Posted: 04/18/2012

    This week Sat. April 21st at exactly 3:03 a.m. our Sun and our Moon once again join together creating a New Moon, a new theme presenting the potential for a theme for the next month to ... 'Find The Value In Each Of Your Experiences'.

    This new Moon occurs in the constellation of Taurus at 1 degree. Taurus energy is ultimately the strongest of all the earth signs because of its fixed nature. Fixed means stable, solid, unchangeable. This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus which inspires the potential for us to 'find the value in each of our experiences. After all, it isn't only materials that hold value, it's also experiences, whether beautiful and loving or difficult and heavy. These memories become implanted in our memories and hold a great deal of value! You know the song by Kelly Clarkson "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger". It's so true isn't it!

    With this New Moon opposite Saturn in Libra. I am sure there are many people who have been and are experiencing a huge awareness in relationships realizing that we are each so different, yet connected by experience. In this month there is a "Cosmic Key of energy being offered through a realization of the strength of the 'human will and free will choice'.

    As the days proceed between Saturdays New Moon and the Full Moon in the constellation of Scorpio, your awareness of what the universe is directing you to let go of that you have been holding onto will come to full light. Stand back and observe .... the universal conductor is orchestrating, all we need to do is watch and pay attention to the wisdom it offers!

    This is the last Moon cycle before the next set of eclipses begin to express their 'wild card' of change affecting the course of your next 6 months. This is the month that is about 'completing' the cycles that are not yet quite complete, before the tables turn and a whole new theme is painted on your lifes path through the energies of the Solar Eclipse on May 20th leading up to the Lunar Eclipse on June 4th.

    Now is a great time to call and schedule your Astrology Check Up and find out what the theme will be of your next 6 months and how it may unfold!

    Astrology offers an incredible tool which offers us valuable insight into our future ... an incredible tool that can help us to plan et, that is, plan for what's to come ....

Did you know if you book a party with Andrea you will get a free 30 minute reading at the time of your party ....

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Making Good Decisions - A Re-ality Check
Posted: 07/16/2011

Mercury Retrograde - 3 or 4 times every year the planet Mercury moves in a retrograde motion. Which means that it appears to move backward by degrees within the constellation it is in. Mercury's energy influence affects our ability to think, be logical, and communicate well. It also affects contracts, agreements, travel, computers, mechanical things like cars. During Mercury Retrograde you may experience confusion, delays, miscommunications and break downs of computers and mechanical items. This can be a frustrating time!

Mercury will begin to move in this retrograde motion beginning on August 3, 2011 at 3:47 a.m. EST. It will remain in this retrograde motion until August 26, 2011 at 5:52 p.m. EST. The time between August 3rd and August 26th IS NOT a time for 'Making Good Decisions'.

This is a period in time that we 'receive a gift from the universe of being able to go back in time to get the knowledge or information that we missed the first time we traveled this path'. However for the first week of the retrograde, what we experience doesn't seem like a gift! After many years of studying this period in time, I have come to really respect that it is a gift from the universe if we can just change our perception and look at the whole picture, rather then the glance.

Right now between July 14 and August 3rd is the time we are traveling over what we will be going back over once again while Mercury is retrograde. I highly recommend you pay extra attention to what your thoughts are during this time period. Because when Mercury goes retrograde, it will force us to travel back over ground that we have already traveled and so this means that Mercury Retrograde is the time for us to re-search, re-assess, re-evaluate, and re-view what we had been previously thinking about, talking about and/or considering to proceed further with in our lives. It really is best to hold off on making any decisions if you can help it! A Mercury Retrograde period is a time that we can all do a 'reality check' on what we want to proceed further with once this time period is over.

It can be quite frustrating because it is a time that we are forced to take a second look at what we thought we already knew! It's like being forced to drive your car backwards very slowly for 2 1/2 weeks over ground you've already traveled on.

An 'Ah Ha' Period - Right around August 16th, there will be a little shift in this energy as the Sun and Mercury align and so this energy influences us to have those 'AH HA' moments where we realize why it was so important to go back and revisit territory we thought we had already covered. It's a time that we begin to 'get it'!

However, I encourage you not to force any decisions yet if you can help it. I encourage you to complete your journey, because you will continue to gather more important information which will be important toward your future decisions.

Recommendation - As the end of Mercury Retrograde approaches on August 26th, I recommend you give it 1 more week or so before you move ahead with what you have decided. Whenever Mercury changes its direction it takes a couple of days for the energy to stabilize once again.

If you are in a position that you cannot hold off on making a decision during Mercury Retrograde, you should know that this just means that you will be revisiting whatever decision was made and things will change. For example, if you make a decision to move or take a new job, you can be sure that you will not stay long in this new place and/or that new job will change in some way in the near future!

For more detailed information as to how you will be personally affected by Mercury Retrograde and other planetary influences, please contact me for a private/personal consultation.

    The Circle of Life - Summer 2011 Eclipses
    Posted: 05/24/2011

    Overview - Every six months when a new set of Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur, we are all reminded of who we are at the roots of our being. We experience change. For some of us its exciting and exhilarating. For some of us its feels traumatic and overwhelming. It depends on what is being triggered in your Astrology Birth Chart.

    Because your birth chart shows who you are, what your soul has carried forward into this life ... to an experienced Astrologer, it shows exactly what changes should be expected to occur in your life emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually and materially. An experienced Astrologer can point out what changes will bring happiness, good health, prosperity, love, recognition and advancement. An experienced Astrologer can also point out times of difficult change, challenges, struggles, life lessons and what can be done to align, learn and grow in a healthy way during these times. Its during these times that we are reminded of what we came here this lifetime to experience, learn and resolve with others and ourselves within our souls. An experienced Astrologer can talk with you about the disciplines, responsibilities, boundaries and life tools that can help you to deal with what you are encountering.

    This summer there will be 3 eclipses with the first physically occurring on June 1st. The second on June 15th and the third on July 1st. We will all feel and experience the effects of these changes.

    Partial Solar Eclipse June 1, 2011
    Posted: 05/24/2011

    This partial eclipse will be visible in most parts of eastern Asia, Alaska, northern Canada, and Greenland. This Solar Eclipse will occur when the Sun and Moon are both in the constellation of Gemini at 11 degrees. It will influence a change in your spirit. This means that you will find yourself experiencing 'a new light around your way of thinking'. The world you live in, the people you meet, the people who you interact with, people from your past (family, relatives, childhood acquintances, neighbors). These people will naturally want to share their ideas and thoughts with you. You may meet people who remind you of someone from your past so much so that they could almost be a twin. The influence of this Gemini eclipse may leave you feeling torn between 2 ideas, 2 thoughts and then you cannot make up your mind.

    Over the next 6 months, you may find yourself discussing things from the past which are unresolved. You may find yourself wanting to please everyone. You may find it easiest to adapt and change to resolve issues. However, this Gemini eclipse suggests that 'If you don't stand for something, then you will fall for anything'! It suggests that there will be new things you learn that will be helpful in dealing with issues from your past!
    Total Lunar Eclipse June 15, 2011
    Posted: 05/24/2011

    This Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible throughout most of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. This Lunar Eclipse will occur when the Moon is at its fullest in the constellation of Sagittarius at 24 degrees. You will be driven by changing emotions that inspire a determination to uncover the truth. You will experience and discover new paths, new directions and find that you feel excited and optimistic about the future. You may find it hard to stay grounded due to the excitement of what lies ahead. Others may be influencing you to travel and explore. There may be times that the truth seems hard to swallow. It will be in your best interest to explore what has been uncovered or revealed to you as it will be of great help along this new road you have begun to travel.

    The picture of change that this lunar eclipse paints is one of an open door that appears to be filled with a light that feels hot and exciting. It draws you closer and closer. You are curious of what is on the other side of this door. You realize once you reach the door that you have grown large with enthusiasm. There's just so much you want to explore. As you begin to move through the doorway, you soon discover that you have grown so big with excitement. You begin to understand that the only way to squeeze through this narrow doorway is by staying focused on what you truly believe in. As you begin to feel, realize and understand the truth about this exciting new direction you are heading, you feel the weight of what has held you back let go and you pop through that doorway with a new found knowledge of your souls direction.
    Partial Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011
    Posted: 05/24/2011

    This partial solar eclipse will only be visible off the coast of Antarctica. It occurs while the Sun and Moon are together in the constellation of Cancer at 9 degrees. It marks a new beginning for our spirits. Indicating that we will be spending a good amount of our time over the next 6 months caring for our families and dealing with issues from the past that have not been resolved. We will spend alot of time realizing what we hold onto emotionally within our shells, within our homes, that came from the roots of our being (that is our childhood and upbringing). You may find yourself having many experiences due to changes that are occurring within your family, soul families and soul groups. You will experience changing emotions and be influenced to explore them. You will find that you must explore the past in order to move forward with your life in an emotionally, healthy way.

    The picture of change that this partial solar eclipse paints is one of a small woman who is crouching down on a river bank reaching into the water to catch a fish. This picture represents us (the young girl) reaching into the waters (emotions) of the years gone by to hold onto what we have learned as a means of survival.

    Please note that the overview of changes I have described above will be introduced one by one into your life beginning around June 1st and will remain front and center in your life over the course of the next 6 months.

    For more detailed information as to how you will be personally affected by these changes, please register to join my seminar/workshop on June 11th from 1 p.m. til 4 p.m. or schedule a private/personal consultation with me by phone or in my office. Contact Andrea

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