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Turn To The Stars Astrology Reports

Birthchart Reports, Relationship Reports

Astrology Reports

Birthchart Reports This 20+ page birthchart report will describe and explain your personal strengths and weaknesses, the areas of your life where your will have many experiences and why, provide an explanation into your personality traits, explain where you will find comfort, where you will struggle, tell whether you are a leader or a follower, discuss your manner of thinking and communication, discuss your higher learning, your life direction, the types of relationships you will have, how you will relate to others and so much more!

Please include your first and last name, month, day, year, time and city and state of your birth in the notes section when ordering and your report will be e-mailed to you.

Relationship Reports

Relationship Report This 20+ page detailed Relationship Report discusses the compatibility between 2 people and how they will relate to each other. It explains the qualities of compatibility and the challenges that can arise in accepting and overcoming the negative influences. This report outlines the influence of both people's charts on and to each other. This is called relationship synastry meaning the comparison of two horoscopes/birthcharts and the correlations discovered. Any advice given is meant to be an aid to a person taking responsibility for their own lives and their own choices within a relationship. The ultimate decision rests with each individual. The author and publisher accept no liability for any adverse affects of this report.

Please include both yours and your partners first and last name, month, day, year, time and city and state of birth in the notes section when ordering and your relationship report will be e-mailed to you.

Turn to the Stars LLC
Derry, NH 03038

PHONE: 603-490-6253


Address & driving directions provided at the time of appointment scheduling

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