Astrology Workshops

Astrology Workshops

The following workshops are forming

No prior experience of Astrology is required to attend these workshops. All that is required is your date of birth, time of birth and city and state of birth. Pre-registration is required for all workshops & classes Mastercard & Visa Accepted



Did you know that your birth chart is a very personal and private map of what your soul carried forward into this life?

Now you can purchase your own/personal hand prepared copy without scheduling an appointment via e-mail. You will need to e-mail me your: date, time, city & state of birth and your present city & state of residence

Please e-mail me after you place your order and provide me with your birth information

  • The cost of your personal birthchart is $5
  • You will receive your birth chart by e-mail
  • You will receive your birthchart once your payment has been accepted
  • Normal payment processing time is 2 to 3 days

    To place your order by phone call Andrea @ 603-216-1005



NEXT WORKSHOP DATE TO BE DETERMINED This is a fun and enlightening workshop that sheds light on your future!

At this workshop you will discover what you can expect to experience for the next 5 to 6 months due to the influences of the lunar and solar eclipses.

Lunar & Solar eclipses occur within 2 weeks of each other and ae “major markers” in a birthchart that shed light on an aea of your life which is about to undergo great change!

At this workshop I will teach you what the overall theme of these eclipses will be for you and help you to get a clear pictue of what you can expect til the end of this year.

Come and shed some light on your future! Fee: $44 per person

To Register now for this workshop call Andrea @ 603-216-1005.
Course Length: 3 hours
Cost: $44 per student/non-refundable due upon registration

My first Astrology Workshop E-Book is now available on-line

Now you can purchase my E-BOOK
This is a step by step book created especially for a novice
Using this book, you can understand what changes are in line for you

The 22 page contents of this e-book workshop that you will receive are:

  • Musical/video presentation, my rendition of what the energy of these eclipses feels like – music to nurture your spirit & soul
  • What is an Eclipse?
  • Demonstration of a partial solar eclipse
  • Demonstration of a total lunar eclipse
  • Facts
  • Where on Earth is the Ecliptic?
  • Scientific Explanation of What Physically Is Occurring During An Eclipse
  • History
  • Some Important Facts
  • Solar/Lunar Eclipse
  • The Moon’s Nodes & Eclipses
  • Your Evolving Soul
  • Table of Eclipses 1953-1971
  • Current table of eclipses 2008-2025
  • A Table to Summarize the Nodes & Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  • A South Node Eclipse on your Ascendant
  • How to identify the area of your life where you will experience change
  • What area of your life will the eclipses affect
  • Eclipsed Planets
  • Table of Eclipsed Planets
  • Words to describe planets, chart point & nodes that have been eclipsed
  • 6 Month Timetable to follow the path of your eclipse

The cost of this e-book workshop is $20
You will receive this e-book workshop by e-mail
You will receive your e-book workshop once your payment has been accepted
Normal payment processing time is 2 to 3 days
To place your order by phone call Andrea @ 603-490-6253


Have you purchased Intrepid Astrology Software and now want to learn how to use it? At this workshop I’ll be offering hands on instructions walking you step by step through using Intrepid Astrology Software. Please bring your laptop that you currently have Intrepid installed on so that you can follow along.

DATE: to be announced

TIME: 10 a.m. til 12 noon

COST: $40 per person

To place your order by phone call Andrea @ 603-490-6253 


DATE: To be determined

When you experience this workshop you will understand why Saturn’s energy is considered “The Teacher“.

You know those 7 year cycles that people talk about? They are closely tied in with Saturn and the 7 year transit cycle it moves on. Saturns influences provide you with the opportunity to work through obstacles that you will encounter.

We will discuss what Saturn’s promise holds for you by looking into your birthchart i.e. “your life map“.

The affects of Saturn’s influences has been described as “heavy as lead“. At this workshop I can teach you how to turn that lead into gold and open doors in your life which were previously closed.

          • This workshop will give you the tools to know when the obstacles and difficult periods will occur in your life, how it will affect you and the area of your life that will be affected.
          • One of my students who is a therapist said that this workshop should be a requirement for every parent!
          • Please join me to learn about your life’s periods of obstacles and rewards at this hands on, interactive workshop!

To Register now for this workshop please call Andrea @ 603-216-1005
Course Length: 8 hours
Cost: $100 per student/non-refundable due upon registration



DATE: To be determined

The Finger of God (also called The Yod is considered to be a MAJOR CONFIGURATION in a birthchart.

          • It is in indication of “special talents and that this life holds a mission that the person has come here to fulfill“.
          • When this Y shaped configuration (or tuning fork) of energy is activated it symbolizes that an “esoteric period of fine tuning” is about to occur in that persons life.
          • The vibration of this energy triggers the chakras to open and to prepare for a re- balancing.
          • If you have one of these configurations in your birthchart this workshop will serve you well!
          • The information and knowledge you gain will be very valuable to your futue. If you don’t have one of these configurations you are still welcome to join and learn how you can be of help to another who has this configuration in their chart.
            To Register now for this workshop please call Andrea @ 603-216-1005
            Course Length: 3 hours
            Cost: $50 per student/non-refundable due upon registration



DATE: To be determined

LOCATION: To be determined

Would you be interested in learning a way to relieve some of your outward stresses and to get answers to your questions? Then I highly recommend that you enroll in this class and learn how how to Journey.

          • Subconsciously we are all guided by what is traditionally called our intuition.
          • When a deeper study is conducted into the subconscious through Shamanic Journey work, you can learn how to cross the traditional barriers between time and space.
          • There is no reason or need to quiet your mind or your imagination.
          • During this class you will learn the ‘key points‘ to successful journeying.
          • You will be guided to meet and work with your Power Animals and Spirit Teachers which gives you the ability to get answers to your questions and to experience healing directly from your Spirit Teachers. During this class you will learn the ‘key points‘ to successful journeying.
          • This is a 2 part class. Please bring a journal, bandana or eye cover, pillow, warm blanket to cover up with.

To Register now for this workshop please call Andrea @ 603-490-6253
Course Length: 4 hours each class
Cost: $120 per student/non-refundable due upon registration 


Date: To be announced

If you are interested in this workshop and want to set up dates for a group of your friends, please feel free to contact me.

At this workshop you will do a hands on exercise and learn what each New Moon each month will mean to you.

          • How the New Moon energy will affect you and Where in your life you will feel and experience the affects.
          • You will learn how to align with this energy and why this energy is connected with your soul’s journey.
          • Did you know that the New Moon each month presents a new theme which will be constantly growing throughout the month?
          • Learn about all these things and much more! Fee $45.

Course Length: 3 hours each
Cost: $45 per student/non-refundable due upon registration