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Daily Astrology News

The Constant And Stable Beauty Of Taurus

May 04 2008

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Astrology For Life And Daily Living
Daily Astrology News - The Constant and Stable Beauty of Taurus

Here is the universal daily astrology reading for May 4, 2008:

Last night at 3:16 a.m. in the morning the Moon moved into its void of course motion. It remained in this emotionally unstable energy until 7:58 a.m. when it shifted it gears and moved into the zodiac sign of Taurus. It will be in this sign until early Tuesday morning.

The Moon emphasizes and adds its influence to the energy of the Emerald Soul which has been and is beginning to separate. It's almost like this energy is saying "Remember Me, I am still here". The Moon's position this morning will be an emotional and subconscious reminder of the positive shifts which are occurring in our world and within our consciousness. The Moon's path through Taurus supports feelings and emotions which are gentle and loving yet strong and stable. Over the course of the next couple of days you may feel more of an emphasis in your life on values, finances and perhaps ownership and what you truly own may come into the picture. You might try considering where your true sense of value and worth comes from? Is it from materials or is it from that quiet place that is inside of you which is ever glowing and divinely beautiful?

Also present this morning is the energy of the Diamond Soul. This formation of multi-faceted energy points right up to the midheaven in this chart. The base of the diamond is placed in the house of the soul and roots of our being and the point is upwards and outwards into the world. An indication that we as a society and collective consciousness is the place where this influence or lighted energy is being focused and shined. If you see a rainbow today what you are seeing is a reflection of this Diamond Soul energy shining its light out into the world. It seems to me that the planets are lined up today to support us on this journey toward the inner awakening and value that is within our consciousness.

Tomorrow morning at 8:18 a.m. there will be a New Moon. You might want to use today to contemplate and to write down what you intend, expect and want as you begin this new journey this month. As this New Moon is in Taurus you may want to focus your intentions on finances, matter, your inner values and most of all the value of staying positive and optimistic as you recognize and realize all the beauty and abundance that is in your life already. Especially the wealth of abundance that is within your spirit and being!

Archangel Uriel is the angel who is closely connected with Taurus energy. Uriels name means "Light of God". You can ask him to shed light on a situation or a relationship that is causing you anxiety or confusion and you will soon have clearer insight of which direction to take. You will know that Uriel is present when you see sparkles of pale yellow color. Yellow is the color of spiritual growth and of ascension. Remember Uriel will only come if you ask. You can ask him to lighten your heart and your mind with his energy and you will instantly feel warm, safe and protected by his glowing and loving energy.

Archangel Uriel can help you to release anger, resentment and anything that you have felt unable to forgive. He can teach you that such feelings are harmful only to yourself and that when you let these feelings go you will free both yourself and the person who these feelings have been connected with.

The affirmation that is recommended for this type of work is "Archangel Uriel I ask for your presence and assistance now. I am willing to release (name of person, situation or event) to the light of love and free us both from this unhealthy attachment". As you say these words imagine or visualize Archangel Uriel's presence around you and watch as he gently removes and releases all attachments from any unpleasant experiences or painful thoughts which had imprisoned you. He can be your constant guide if you want him to be. He has an ancient sage-like wisdom which is strong, constant and stable and he will always remind you of the beauty and value that is held within LOVE! If you wish to enhance your connection with Archangel Uriel the crystals Citrine and Selenite will support this connection between him and your higher self and open you to your own true gentleness and abundance that is always ready to be awake within you.

The Moon will make 3 energy connections with other planets today and the influences of these connections will be the strongest in the periods of time before 9:23 a.m., 10:39 a.m. and 4:21 p.m.

In the period of time before 9:23 a.m. you may feel a powerful yet positive transition or release of emotion occurring within you. At this time the energy of the Emerald Soul is being activated in the universe providing you with a sense of peace, calm and wisdom. You may know deep inside that all is well and all will be well moving ahead! You may have a sense of emotional strength and feel secure in this knowing.

In the period of time before 10:39 a.m. you may feel a sense of safety and security on an emotional level. During this influence of energy you may feel that you have the inner and outer support of the universe to achieve what you have been creating, designing and building in your life.

The last aspect that the Moon will make today will be the strongest in the period of time before 4:21 p.m. this afternoon. During this time you may feel as if there is something new which is beginning in your life. You may feel as if something is transforming and changing. It is possible that you will be able to recuperate and heal something that has long kept you tied or in bondage emotionally or subconsciously. Through this aspect of energy you will be able to let go of an old emotion which may have been deeply rooted and connected. Now you will feel free to begin a new phase in your life! Archangel Uriel's loving energy will be a powerful, constant and stable support for you throughout your day! Remember all you have to do is ask! Your power to heal lies within your intentions! Uriel can help you to re-embrace this consciousness in your life today!

Astrology the ancient practice directed by The Heaven's offers you a tool to Plan-et

From the desk of Astrologer Andrea Klim direct to your inbox, The Daily Astrology News

Copyright 2008 Andrea Klim. All Rights Reserved

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