Diamond Soul

In an astrological birth chart the “Diamond Soul” can be seen, formed by particular aspects which make a diamond shape. Traditional Astrologers call this formation “a kite,” but, through my inner reflections of spirit, I have learned that this “Diamond formation” is the indication of “A Diamond Soul.”

The Diamond Soul has a strong connection with the Goddess/God energies. A diamond soul has an ability with crystals and is able to sue them to channel energy for healing. The gifts of energy for a diamond soul may be considered “rays of golden healing energy.”

The Diamond Soul carries 7 rays of colorful light which can be recognized as the colors in a rainbow. They are also associated with the 7 major chakra’s. The Diamond Soul carries 7 beams of light which come from the energy of their inner “Diamond” (inner spirit of reflection). The 7 rays which you have within your grasp to work with come through your “will”.

The 7 rays carry a supportive inner strength which will support you to initiate and take action. Then, through connecting with another person’s vibration, you are able to bring forth a loving transition and a unity begins. At this point there is an evolvement which takes place because you were able to recognize a cause and acted and expressed your inner light for peace and healing. Through the vibration of your Diamond Soul you are being asked to step past your fears and to be present in its vibration so that your light can shine and reflect outwardly into the world a powerful light of healing.

Each time you connect with another person and healing occurs your light grows brighter. The “Diamond Soul” is truly one which is beautiful and it is asking to be released through the power and love that is within your heart. Each time you allow this vibrant healing Diamond energy to connect with another person you will be sending its reflection of light outwardly and that person will experience a powerful enlightening of their soul and spirit.

About the shape:

  • The point of the Diamond is referred to as the direction that the heavens are pointing you toward where opportunities will arise for you to shine the light of your “Diamond Soul.”
  • The heart of the Diamond or the point at which the opposition crosses through the outer wall of the grand trine is what I refer to as the “Emerald Soul.”
  • The base or strength of the Diamond Soul comes from the purity of the soul and its ability to act in a positive, harmonious manner to change and transform all that it comes into contact with. The opposition or connecting string that crosses through the Diamond Soul provides a sense of direction and focus.

Through the differences that the Diamond Soul encounters, heightened awareness amongst both parties involved will be an experience that brings a tremendous amount of healing. It is important to recognize that these oppositions are windows that are opening in order for you to spread your inner light. The divine inner light shines strong of the Diamond Soul but the question comes to the Diamond Soul…Will you accept the opposition/awareness and recognize how and where you are being asked to shine the light of your soul? 

The energies of the Diamond are well-rounded and perfect throughout. The energetic field of this precious stone reflects “creation” in its perfect balance. The Diamond is one of the most effective healing amulet stones and it holds a strong protective field around its wearer which keeps away negative environmental influences. Its energies not only alleviate a lot of physical complaints, but also helps to balance and support the soul. Many people find completely new attitudes and find that opportunities arise in their life with the help of the diamond. The Diamond Soul is considered a very strong soul which is “unbreakable” like the Diamond.

Historically, a Diamond is described as a very hard crystal with a greasy luster. It is a little darker than rock crystal and is so hard that it penetrates iron and all other precious stones. In ancient times its importance as a gem stone was low, because it could not be cut on account of its extreme robustness. So it was valued less than pearls, rubies and emeralds and in the 16th century the value of the diamond was one eighth of the price of rubies.

Meditation to Activate

The Diamond Soul physically can be formed by standing with both arms stretched straight out beside you, reaching to the east and to the west. Stand with your feet together. Close your eyes and focus your inner vision on your head. Draw an imaginary line from your head to your right outstretched arm. Now draw an imaginary line from your head to your left outstretched arm. See the imaginary line which goes from your right arm to your feet and from your left arm to your feet. The line from your left hand that reaches straight across your body to your right hand, forms the interconnecting of the inside of the diamond. Your body from head to feet is the connection between you and the world and other people. The line that runs from one hand to the other (across your heart) and your body from head to feet is the heart of the Diamond Soul aspect.

To step into the energy of the Diamond at any time simply stand in this manner and close your eyes or you may simply visualize this energy in your mind. Feel the multi-faceted rays of energy as they permeate your mind, body, spirit and soul. Your body holds the cross that interconnects the Diamonds energy.