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Daily Astrology News

Gemini A New Moon and New Beginnings

June 03 2008

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Astrology For Life And Daily Living
Gemini A New Moon and new Beginnings

Here is the universal daily astrology reading for Tuesday June 3, 2008:

NOTE: If you have any pictures that you would like to donate to be used in these daily articles please e-mail them to me and I will use them where they fit. Thank You!

At 6:00 a.m. this morning the Moon will be at 7 degrees in the zodiac sign of Gemini. It will form 3 angles of connecting energy with other planets today and the influences of these connections will be the strongest in the periods of time before 12:53 p.m., 3:23 p.m. and 3:43 p.m.

In the period of time before 12:53 p.m. you may feel calm and gentle and enjoy being in the company of loving people. You may find that you will feel comfortable doing something where you are busy and which involves a form through which you can express your creativity. You may be drawn to forms of art, music and nature which tell a story and helps you to learn and exercise your mind.

At exactly 3:23 p.m. this afternoon the Sun and the Moon will be in exactly the same place, sharing the same energy. You will experience new beginnings in your life through this energy. This is a great time to start something new. There is less emotion involved, so it clears the way toward new beginnings. This New Moon will occur while the Moon is exactly at 13 degrees in Gemini. Where-ever this New Moon falls in your chart will be the area of your life where you will experience this new beginning. Your day to day environment, your communications with relatives or siblings, short travels & new avenues of thinking and learning may be a large part of the areas where you will begin something new. Your vitality, your will and your emotions will be joined together and working as one as you begin this period of time today. If you are a Gemini or have any planets in your birthchart in Gemini, this will be a special month of many new beginnings!

At exactly the same time as this New Moon is occurring there is the presence of the Diamond Soul energy manifesting in our universe. When this energy is manifesting you may see the brilliant colors of a rainbow appear to you in some form. The Diamond Soul has 7 rays of light/energy just the same as a rainbow. This would be a great time to say a prayer of intentions for your new path ahead this month and for peace in the world. A powerful time for setting new intentions!

In the period of time before 3:43 p.m. this afternoon you may feel confident, self-assured and assertive. You may find that you feel ambitious and that you are willing to take the necessary action toward achieving your desires.

Astrology the ancient practice directed by The Heaven's offers you a tool to Plan-et

From the desk of Astrologer Andrea Klim direct to your inbox, The Daily Astrology News

Copyright 2008 Andrea Klim. All Rights Reserved

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