Ghost Clearing

Do you have unexplained activity in your home or on you property? If you are sensing, feeling or seeing a spirit, then you should know that this spirit is asking for help. Many times these spirits do not know that their physical body has died. Usually there is something which is unfinished and this is why their spirit is stuck here.

Andrea uses a variety of techniques to work with the ghosts to assist them in their ascension to their heaven. She first creates an Astrology horary chart asking the question of who are the ghosts on the property? Following the horary chart she does a shamanic journey to talk with the ghosts and uncover the mysteries attached to their remaining earth bound.

A visit is then scheduled to your property and a walk through your home and the boundaries of the property is required.

Then the healing work begins.

Every case is different and all members of the family must be on board with the process.

This work can also be done remotely, meaning it isn’t necessary for a visit to the property.

Ultimately the best scenario is the ghosts ascend to their heaven and the home and property is restored to a peaceful setting.

Let Andrea clear the air for you! Only $80 per hour!