Learn Shamanic Journeying


A 2 Day Development Class – Perfect for Parents & Their Young Responsible Adults
DATES: Please inquire about classes
TIME: 10 a.m. til 4 p.m. each day
COST: $180.00 for both days
Taught by Astrologer/Shamanic Practitioner Andrea Klim

During these classes you will learn the history of Shamanic Practices, what non-ordinary reality is, the different worlds and dimensions you will travel to during shamanic journey time, how to meet your animal spirit guides (i.e. power animals), how to meet your spirit teachers, the do’s and don’t of the shamanic practices, how to access “wisdom and guidance that can answer questions you have about your life”.

The practice of Shamanic Journeying is different then Mediumship and Psychic or Spirit Channeling in that the practitioners soul takes flight to bring back information and/or help.

Shamanism is practiced for purposes that are not self-serving. However, a practitioner may journey for self-healing and development. In this sense we we are healing ourselves as one of the whole, and, once healed, we can share that knowledge and healing.


  • learn the history of core shamanic practices
  • learn the different worlds that the shamanic practitioner can travel
  • discuss the shamanic journey and methods
  • view videography of shamanic practices
  • learn through guided journeys how you will personally access these worlds creating your own pathways in and out of these worlds
  • meet your animal guides and spirit teachers whom you will develop ongoing relationships with
  • learn how to track spirits
  • meet and communicate with the spirits of your ancestors
  • be guided through a journey that will open doors to past lives for understanding and healing of your present life
  • learn how you can help others and yourself through the practice of core shamanism


You will need a bed roll, blanket and pillow for this class for your journey time.