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Daily Astrology News

Libra, A lot of Shifting and Balancing Today


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Astrology For Life And Daily Living
Daily Astrology News - Libra, A Hawk in Flight

Here is the universal daily astrology reading for Thursday July 10, 2008:

Last night at 12:35 a.m. we began the 2nd quarter or the 2nd part of the journey of our new path this month. Remember this journey began last week late Tuesday evening with the New Moon in Cancer. Today you may recognize that you have reached a certain plateau of this new path. The form of what you have intended, expected and wanted is growing now. It is possible that your consciousness and realization of how very important your home and the protection and safety it provides is to you. Your family of origin, the roots of your ancestry, the people who nurture and care for you and also the people whom you call your soul family may all be areas which have been highlighted in your life over this last week. You may have had experiences in any of these areas which have been important toward the continued growth of your consciousness. Today we begin the next section of this growing consciousness in these areas. Watch as your emotional responses and your consciousness continues to grow as we move closer during this next week to the fullest expression of these energies. The Full Moon will be on July 18th at exactly 3:59 a.m. You should expect to feel and have fuller expressions of emotion in the areas listed above on July 16th and 17th. This journey may remind you to connect deeper with those whom you love and to make gentle decisions because of your growing awareness of your souls purpose.

At 6:00 a.m. this morning the Moon will be at 21 degrees in the zodiac sign of Libra. The first angle of connecting energy that it will form today will be the most influential in the period of time before 11:15 a.m. in our universe. During this time your intuition and gentle manner may be heightened. You may feel an unusual level of sensitivity to other people's feelings. It is possible that your level of creativity will be exceptional.

Over the course of the last couple of days there has been an aspect of energy which has been growing in its influence in our universe. This energy will reach its peak of influence at 2:12 p.m. this afternoon and so it will be very strong all morning. During this time you may have found it hard to fully express what you were feeling and may have felt as if there was something that was holding you back from taking action. You may have felt as if you had to work very hard to express yourself without being critical or judgmental. This energy would have slowed you down from having the ability to take quick action but it would not deny. This aspect of renewing energy between Mars and Saturn has the ability to slow you down in reaching your goals and it is possible that you may have found yourself doing some organizing in your life and for others as well. Basically you may have "slowly got things done in an orderly fashion" during this time.

At 4:18 p.m. Mercury the planet of communication and logic will shift its gears and move into the sign of Cancer. It will be moving through this gentle, nurturing energy until July 26th. During this time you may find that your thoughts and communications will be more gentle and caring toward others. You may find that you will be thinking much more about others feelings before you speak. During this time you may have more communication with your family and those whom you are connected with on a soul level.

The next angle of connecting energy that the Moon will form in our universe today will be the most influential in the period of time before 7:10 p.m. During this time you may want to take it slow. It is possible that you may have difficulty in expressing your feelings to those whom you love. You may feel that it is hard to relax and be yourself. It may take longer then usual to move past any feelings which seem to be blocked.

The last angle of connection that the Moon will form today while in the sign of Libra will be the most influential in the period of time before 10:13 p.m. During this time you may feel as if you have an unlimited abundance of emotional strength and that you can shift/balance and move forward in any manner you choose.

At 10:13 p.m. the Moon will move into its void of course motion. It will remain in this emotionally, unstable energy until 11:36 p.m. You may find that the most peaceful use of this time will be to reflect on your experiences from the last couple of days.

At 11:36 p.m. the Moon will shift its gears and move into the zodiac sign of Scorpio. We will be influenced through this intensely, magnetic energy until late Sunday morning. Scorpio's influence is most faithfully known for its magical strength and ability to shift the shape of anything which it comes into contact with. Through the powerful influence of this energy you may be able to ascend and transform your feelings so that you master and experience the divine love of the universe. Scorpio energy is known for its strength and power to shift energy out of the dark and then to transform it into the divine light of the heavens!

Astrology the ancient practice directed by The Heaven's offers you a tool to Plan-et

From the desk of Astrologer Andrea Klim direct to your inbox, The Daily Astrology News

Copyright 2008 Andrea Klim. All Rights Reserved

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