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Daily Astrology News

Restoring Balance through Love


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Astrology For Life And Daily Living
Daily Astrology News - Restoring Balance through Love, photo by Andrea Klim

At 6:00 a.m. this morning the Moon will be at 16 degrees in the zodiac sign of Libra. As you may know from past articles Libra energy is most concerned with personal relationships. It is through the influence of this energy that we learn about ourselves through our interactions and experiences with others. When the personal relationships in your life somehow seem to be upset and love seems hard to find you may feel as if your inner sense of peace, harmony and balance is upset. So, Libra energy seeks to find that happy medium during such times. Sometimes it seems that this energy creates a storm and this is because whatever it was that was causing the upset needed to surface before balance could be restored. In order to solve a problem and restore balance first we need to know what the matter is. So the balancing act and search begins to bring to the surface whatever was tipped in a negative way causing the trouble. So this progressive search can cause a storm. Once the storm has showed where the trouble is then the restoring and balancing through love is able to do its work. Libra's only desire is to restore love and peace back to whatever it was that had become unbalanced. That is Libra's only goal is to progressively restore balance in relationships through mediation and love!

There are two angles of connecting energy that the Moon will form today. They will both be very strong in the periods of time before 6:01 p.m. and 6:37 p.m. in our universe. During these periods of time you may experience something very beautiful and healing because of the personal relationships which are in your life. You may find that it will be very easy to express what you feel so very deep inside. It is possible that you will achieve the goals that you had hoped for with those whom you are interacting with. You may also have an opportunity to speak and talk with others in a happy and loving manner. You may find that it is easy to be creatively expressive in the conversations that you share with others. You may find that this period of time is beneficial toward restoring balance through love!

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