Ruby Soul

A “Ruby Soul” can be found in your Astrology chart as aspects which form what looks like a small hill or mountain, a peak. The base is a Trine, the top or peak is formed by 2 sextiles which point to areas in your life where opportunities will be presented to you and it your choice whether you choose to take them and build on them or let them pass by.

If you are a Ruby Soul it is very important that you understand that wearing a Ruby can be very beneficial to you, but you should also understand that you are building on this energy in this lifetime. In the process of your souls growth you are presented with opportunities/new things/new ideas and you can build on them and evolve if you choose.

A ruby itself is a stone of passion. Care must be taken when using this crystal and the vibration of your Ruby energy because it can bring negativity and anger to the surface. A Ruby should be used with  knowledge of how to gain from the experiences it brings. This vibration creates a doorway for any anger or negativity to come to the surface, then it can be dispelled never to trouble you again and be purified by the experience not overwhelmed.Once the negatives have been released, there is a tremendous opportunity to help in the healing of others.

A Ruby can also amplify positive energies. It is said to boost the positive aspects that you already possess. Use this reserve of positive energies to help you overcome the negative energies that the Ruby might allow to surface. The ruby’s vibrations energize!

It is said that rubies can stimulate visualization and motivation. This effect can allow you to be more realistic in your expectations and more honest in your intentions. The ruby intensifies the life force energy that we all possess. It stimulates the will to live and enhances your innate survival instinct.

It is a powerful tool that can be used to help cleanse and stimulate the heart and help in matters of love. This includes love of self. It can help you overcome the fear of rejection, allowing you to pursue love more openly. At the same time, it can help you gain control over amorous desires by blanketing them with more realistic expectations.

Physically, the Ruby can help to alleviate chronic fatigue. It also may help overcome diseases caused by environmental toxins. They are said to benefit the heart and circulatory system and to help detoxify the blood and body.

Meditation to Activate

To physically step into the energy of the Ruby sit on the floor with both of your knees bent. Put your feet together so that the bottoms of each foot touches the other as you sit in an Indian style. Pull your feet in as close as you can to your body and try to flatten your knees to the ground. Put each arm through and under each leg from the inside of the angle you have formed with your feet and legs. Now look at the form you have made with your body. It looks exactly like the Ruby aspect formation. Close your eyes and focus your inner vision on the straight line that stretches from one knee straight through your lower leg, over your feet and other leg and to the opposite knee. This is the base line of energy of the Ruby.

Now with your eyes still closed focus your inner vision on your right bent knee and see the line that goes in to your root charka or your 1st chakra. Now from your root chakra see the energy go from here and travel down your left upper leg and to your left knee. You have traced with your inner vision “the path of the energy of the Ruby” as it interconnects with your body. Feel the energy of the opportunity that you can choose to create in this lifetime that points to your 1st Chakra and which sends this information up through your body and through every Chakra.

You might see this as a golden path of light which the energy of the Ruby as offered to you and you have chose to accept. See the vibrance of the red beam that the Ruby offers as it glows and shimmers releasing anything from within you which no longer serves you. As you see or envision past memories, past beliefs or see anything that made you angry you may also see them whisked away and healed never to trouble you again.