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Daily Astrology News

Scorpio, The Magical Dragonfly


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Astrology For Life And Daily Living
Daily Astrology News - Scorpio, The Magical Dragonfly

Here is the universal daily astrology reading for Saturday June 14, 2008:

At 6:00 a.m. this morning the Moon will be at 6 degrees in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The element of water will be a strong influence today and also early this morning the presence of the energy of the Emerald Soul and Ruby Soul is being expressed in our universe. The element of water suggests that yours and others level of sensitivity will be heightened. Because of the influence of Scorpio, you may want to pay extra attention to what you are feeling. Allow yourself the time to be a detective of your feelings. You may experience the magic and power that this energy offers to you to identify both the negative and the positive that is associated with what you are feeling. As you move through your day you will carry with you the magic of the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly has the magical ability to reflect and refract, which means to alter by viewing through a medium, both light and color and so it is associated with many forms of magic and is said to inspire mystical visions. It is said that the Dragonfly's magic carries the "power of light and all spiritual associations of light".

Native Americans thought that Dragonfly's represented the souls of the dead. There are stories that at one time Dragonfly's were real Dragons. Dragonfly's are actually mythical relatives of the Dragon. They also express the energy of the fairie realm. It is interesting that the Dragonfly goes through a metamorphosis just as Scorpio energy has the power to do. In the beginning of their life as a nymph they live in the water. As they develop and mature they go through a metamorphosis or transformation and move out and up into the element of air. Scorpio energy has the power to do the same thing. That is move out of heavy emotion and up into the air which provides an adaptable atmosphere where love, compassion, empathy and understanding can easily integrate into your consciousness. Taking action to communicate and absorb the spiritual wisdom connected with this energy will be a powerful key toward your emotional metamorphosis and mastery.

The Moon will not make any angles of connecting energy today with any other planets in our universal horoscope. However, if you are a Scorpio or have any planets in your birth chart in Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo you may want to be- friend the magic filled energy of the Dragonfly today.

There is one planetary aspect which has been growing over the course of the last couple of days. This aspect will be very strong in our universe all day and will reach its peak of influence at exactly 5:03 p.m. This energy has influenced rays of harmony and unconditional love which has been and is being conveyed through the atmosphere of the element of air. The element of air support knowledge, the passing on of information, light heartedness and a wealth of intellectual activity. This energy has inspired us to talk more to each other and to help each other by networking and sharing our individual knowledge and wisdom. It has influenced us to be more insightful, creative and intuitive. You may have recognized and developed further your artistic talents. You may have attracted people who were warm and had a empathic nature.

Astrology the ancient practice directed by The Heaven's offers you a tool to Plan-et

From the desk of Astrologer Andrea Klim direct to your inbox, The Daily Astrology News

Copyright 2008 Andrea Klim. All Rights Reserved

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