A person who practices Shamanism makes journeys to non-ordinary reality in an altered state of consciousness. The practice of shamanism exists on all inhabited continents. Shamanism under-lays all the other spiritual traditions on the planet and involves the journey to other worlds in an altered state of consciousness for purposes of accessing wisdom and healing.

A Shamanic Journey is much different than meditation in that the soul takes flight to the rhythm of the drum, or as we say in Shamanism the heartbeat of the mother.

It is so exciting to see so many people interested in the ancient practice of shamanism. This is a time for all of us on our planet to learn how to connect with our individual spiritual guidance and to find helpful tools (such as Shamanic Practices) that offer and provide solutions to our problems.

Learning the practice of Shamanism is perfect for parents and responsible young adults.

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Soul Retrieval

In shamanism it is believed that part of the human soul is free to leave the body. As a Core Shamanic Practitioner Andrea is able to change her state consciousness allowing her to travel and retrieve wisdom and soul pieces. Because a portion of the soul is free to leave the body it will do so when dreaming, or it will leave the body to protect itself from potentially damaging situations
In situations of trauma the soul piece may not return to the body on its own, and a shamanic practitioner must intervene and return the soul essence. This is a very intense and healing experience which can change your future for the better when embraced.


As a Core Shamanic Practitioner Andrea works with the spirit and the soul as they work with energy.  In the case of shamanic extraction, Andrea works with misplaced energy.  No energy is truly bad from a shamanic perspective. If energy is misplaced or it isn’t in alignment with the the human body it will bring illness. Extraction is the removal of displaced energy, sometimes called intrusions. This is energy that does not belong in the body and can cause illness.

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