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Stock Shock the Movie

Astrology Forecast and Predictions
PART I - Live interview

Click to View Live Interview

** Live Interview with Richard Keane **
** Narrator of Stock Shock the movie

Stock Shock (on DVD), the short selling of the American dream

We feel this DVD will be turned into a Major Motion Picture
and become one of the best movies of 2009

Follow the predictions we have made as these events unfold in real life.

Narrator Richard Keane unveils new Website and blogsite

One can now Rent the movie from Netflix

 SEPTEMBER 1 2009 Update
The White House calls Richard Keane at his home!! Click for details

  • On June 8th my special guest was Richard Keane.

  • Richard is the narrator voice behind the hottest new DVD in America
    "Stock Shock" the short selling of the American dream

  • I was privileged to have the very first televised interview with Richard Keane

  • On this show Jeff Close and I forecast many future predictions

  • Our first prediction has already come TRUE with delays in release The accuracy was right down to the of time of day, packaging miscues, truck delays, including pulling it all off at the last minute. WHEW !! The next step for this is becoming a Major Film. November in the news finds Blue Ray and Redbox are looking at it.

  • December 2009 Netflix has stepped up and has it for Rent already!

  • Follow and enjoy the fun with us as we review Richard Keane's astrology chart and also that of the DVD

  • Find out how this one driven individual may change Wall Street forever

  • Find out what's in store for Richard Keane what he can expect in the several months ahead

The #1 story in America
The First LIVE Television interview

June 8th saw Richard Keane Narrator of "Stock Shock" The Movie and Twitter follower tell his story to Andrea Klim on her Television show 'Turn to the Stars'. This show takes an in depth look at the future of the Stock Shock DVD and also the future for Dick Keane.

As a result of this interview and it's accurate predictions the producer Sandra Mohr of Mohr productions quickly posted a 2+ minute segment out on 'You Tube'.

This show suggests that Richard and Sandra's efforts with Stock Shock the DVD may be turned into a major motion picture to be seen in theaters. We'll update you with more information on how this plays out, so stay tuned.

  Part 1 of this show with Richard Keene is available right here! You don't want to miss this one! Click here to view show.

If you DO NOT see any VIDEO controls REFRESH your BROWSER

To view the Stock Shock DVD trailer visit

  • Welcome Fellow Twits and followers of STOCK SHOCK the Movie!
  • Twits can see narrator Dick Keane LIVE at Turn to the Stars
  • Twits can Tweet narrator Dick Keane Right Now at

  • Astrology the ancient practice directed by The Heaven's offers you a tool to Plan-et

    From the desk of Astrologer Andrea Klim direct to your inbox, The Daily Astrology News

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