Emerald Soul

The “Emerald Soul” is also called a Grand Trine in traditional Astrology. The Emerald Soul is made up of 3 trines which form a Grand Trine, a large triangle. The Emerald Soul has earned this lighted, vibrant, healing soul through many good deeds in past life. An “Emerald Soul” is capable of using their energy to heal and aid others in healing in the areas mentioned below.

The earthly gem, the Emerald, is one of the most powerful healing stones. Wearing (or carrying) an Emerald can help you obtain physical, mental, and emotional balance. Its soothing energies are calming and will help to reach a relaxed state more easily.

Wearing an Emerald can help you to maximize your healing abilities. It can help to calm you and stabilize your energy. It will support you in being able to focus and also it can help you to learn to rely more on your own inner strengths.

The Emerald is said to be beneficial to the heart, liver, kidneys, and immune system. It is also said to help strengthen the backbone and to alleviate problems associated with sugar diabetes.

The emerald stone is good for people who meditate. Its calming energies are said to improve psychic abilities, assisting you to reach a meditative state more easily and raises your consciousness. The emerald can also enhance dreams, memory and insight.

The emerald assists in releasing negative energies. It aids in supporting your spirit not your ego. Its energies are grounding and closely tied to Mother Earth. An emerald can be used by anyone without fear of ill effects and is said to shield its user from negativity directed at them from external sources.

The Emerald brings wisdom to the earthly mental plane. It also stimulates the heart and helps its user to express love and to share the wisdom they have gained.